Dare to trust

These words are well suited to Leon Polman and the adventure he is having with his company the Green Side.
A great story from this young entrepreneur who saw a stack of one-sided printed paper lying on his desk and thought:
"What a waste to throw this paper away while the other side can still be written on to prevent paper waste."
Now he publishes notebooks and offers valuable and enjoyable work at the sheltered workshop.
Where he started in his hometown of Houten, others are now active there collecting paper locally from elementary school and reusing it.
Leon takes you through his journey and how he keeps himself confident and works with others from confidence.
This 65th podcast on conscious entrepreneurship and growth will take you through his story of trust and keeping faith and maybe encourage you to follow your dream too! I still have two spots available on February 16 for the podcast on conscious entrepreneurship and growth.

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