Celebrate your successes, how often we forget

Just moving forward.
From challenge to challenge.
From goal to goal.

Mike received a certificate for his birthday that he had planted some trees. As a digital professional, he thought surely that should be possible with more perception and sense of impact. Sumthing saw the light of day!

Every Friday, he consciously celebrates victories with his team. Taking a moment to pause and enjoy the next step with Sumthing toward a more sustainable world.

Mike takes you through how he developed his idea, quit his job, his employer is now a client, how funding and building the team works and most importantly, how he himself experiences this journey.

Already the 61st podcast in the series on conscious business and growth.

In the comments, the link to his story. Enjoy!

On Jan. 12, there is still room for 1 or 2 conscious entrepreneurs for the podcast.

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