Will you be the next of 200+ entrepreneurs I help towards mental freedom and purpose?

  • Your business is not growing, you keep pushing and you don't get the business past a certain point. 

  • You feel hemmed in by your business, you don't see solutions, and you no longer do the things you enjoy.

  • You want to work on yourself more, live healthier and enjoy yourself more.

  • You feel time slipping through your fingers, you experience your unused potential and that so much more energy can be released. 

  • You are thinking about selling your business but well what are you going to do. You may have already seen everything in business, but whats next if you have already seen all the high mountains. 


You feel that within yourself are the answers to work more on yourself and the company. Experience freedom, go do what you enjoy most and fulfill your potential in a healthy energetic way. 


Inner Journey Program

Complete the Purpose Scan

This unique blueprint has the insight into why you are where you are and how to fully utilize and enhance your purpose, potential and life's happiness.

Purpose Scan conversation

In a two-hour session you get to know yourself. Never before have you received answers to who you are, why certain questions, feelings or thoughts live, how to set yourself free and grow in a focused way towards mental freedom and your purpose.

Conscious Workouts

In 3 sessions you will become mentally free, I will take you to the next step in your entrepreneurship, and I will focus you and your unique energy blueprint revealed by the Purpose Scan on your purpose.

Conscious entrepreneurship .... who doesn't want that?

Putting your heart and soul, full of energy and enthusiasm, doing what you love, growing like it comes naturally, contributing and being meaningful and also making money. For many entrepreneurs, this sounds like a fairy tale and I once had the same opinion. 

I have since outsourced my business, live consciously and undertake my purpose: to help entrepreneurs do conscious entrepreneurship. Conscious entrepreneurship is a journey where personal development and growth go hand in hand with getting to know your personality and seeing through your ego and conditioning. Become aware of your potential, experience your unique energy blueprint and focus it on your purpose. Undertake and manifest effortlessly from the heart and experience balance and relaxation. This makes you free, happy and joyful!

Start your journey to conscious entrepreneurship now!

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Do you share your profits as an entrepreneur with others?

Working hard, growing your business and making a good living is what many entrepreneurs dream of, after all. The world has grown up with this entrepreneurial spirit because of it. More and more impact companies are seeing the light of day. They want to make entrepreneurship, impact and making money go hand in hand. Some companies are truly created to give back. Not just by what they do...

Sinem I met a while ago and what an energy and what a purpose. 

I asked her what her name meant. A beautiful answer followed: "My soul, my heart, my feeling." What a journey and what a drive she has to tackle overstock in the cosmetics industry with Arkive. Driven by dishonesty, she is making a difference. In her story, hear how this mission cost her health and she recovered. 

It comes naturally ... that opportunity always comes for entrepreneurs

Lennert den Teuling started doing business as early as 15. Registering with the Chamber of Commerce had to wait a while so his parents stood surety left and right. Soon he got so busy that he asked friends to help him. At home it no longer fitted, therefore not even 18 years young, he already had a team of about 10 men in his own building in Middelburg.  

Life is the plural of guts. How do you carry on when your lover and companion falls away.

If you want to go for security, don't become an entrepreneur. Witty words from Laura. Her whole life is synonymous with guts, life and entrepreneurship. How she made the move from salaried employment to her own event agency, 3M Events. That was guts. But life and entrepreneurial happiness was really hit hard when her husband and business partner Henk suddenly passed away. There you are. Your lover, your buddy....

Entrepreneurship is just go!

Don't think too much, climb over the fence and just go. Listen to the customer, adjust, and move on again. It is precisely that listening to the customer that Hester Schaberg did. As an orthomolecular therapist, she saw so many of her clients struggling with their health. She decided to use all her knowledge to do something about it. This is how Philo Supplements was born.

As an entrepreneur, are you gathering good people around you?

Ernst Tjaden recognized early on the importance of learning from the experiences of other entrepreneurs. For that reason, he also joined Accelerator Netherlands. The fast growth program to grow from 250k to 1 million euro turnover. In 2009 I set up Accelerator in the Netherlands and now almost 15 years later 1000 entrepreneurs have followed this program and many have reached the magical 1 million euro turnover

Consciously undertake your unique blueprint!

I would like to get to know you in an initial phone conversation. This conversation will already be a journey in itself
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